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Just Fixit/Virus Removal

Virus Removal and Data Recovery

  Our Virus Removal and Data Recovery service is exactly what it sounds like. We’ll do our very best to give you back a machine that’s at least as good, but in most cases better than it was when you bought it. We will remove the Hard Drive and scan it on one of our machines to insure that your infected copy of Windows (running on your machine) won’t interfere.

  Explanation: Many viruses actually rewrite critical Windows system files so as not to allow for complete virus removal ("they will reappear"), your virus scans and other security app’s will appear to be running normally, but I assure you "they are not", what you’re seeing/thinking is exactly what the author of these viruses wants you to see and think, but I assure you, "your services are not running normally", and at this point you may have even noticed that new virus scans cannot be installed, "this is why"...

Virus Removal/Data Recovery Includes:

* Full Tune Up
* Virus Removal
* and/or Data Recovery
* and All Windows Updates

          (20% off for all CSE residents)

Note: This service also includes "a full Tune Up", (a $70 value in itself).

  So if you have any questions, or if you're interested in this service, just drop us a line here at
--Just Fixit-- (anytime), and we'll get back with you just as soon as we can.    (usually within 24 hours)

Thanks for stopping by     :-)

    • World Crisis Map

        This one's intended to be a resource for disaster relief and preparedness, (but I mostly use it for everything else)...   :-/

        I usually start out by clicking on the "Map/Satellite" option (top left), and switch it to Satellite, then I go to the "Layers Tab" (top right) and uncheck everything.     ("and then I choose what I want")...

        So click on the Globe (to open the page), and then play around with the "Layer Options", because this site does a lot of different things; everything from local traffic to worldwide weather, just roll you mouse wheel to zoom in and out once you've chosen your layer options.

      " E n j o y "