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Just Fixit/Satellite Pointing
Local satellite pointing
( $25 ("Ground Mounted Only") )

  We're located in Beaver Dam, AZ and we don't really go too far from home for this one. But if you're here for the winter and you don't want to pay too much (or wait 3 to 5 days on those other guys)... Use the form below and save about $25 (those other guys average about $50 per call out).

So drop us a line and we'll be right out.

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    • World Crisis Map

        This one's intended to be a resource for disaster relief and preparedness, (but I mostly use it for everything else)...   :-/

        I usually start out by clicking on the "Map/Satellite" option (top left), and switch it to Satellite, then I go to the "Layers Tab" (top right) and uncheck everything.     ("and then I choose what I want")...

        So click on the Globe (to open the page), and then play around with the "Layer Options", because this site does a lot of different things; everything from local traffic to worldwide weather, just roll you mouse wheel to zoom in and out once you've chosen your layer options.

      " E n j o y "