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Just Fixit A/C Service
 Basic RV A/C Service

  We're located in Beaver Dam, AZ and we don't really go too far from home for this one. But if you're a Snow Bird and you're planning on staying a little bit longer this year, you'll probably want to get your A/C serviced while you're here.  "Just Don't Pay Too Much" or wait too long on those other guys, simply use the form below and we'll save you some time "and money" on this critical service.

  The fact of the matter here is that most RV owners tend to overlook this critical service for years at a time, and this often proves fatal for the RV air conditioner.  The desert Blowsand alone can, "and will", plug an A/C condensing coil in just a couple of years, not to mention other catastrophic everyday factors (e.g. "leaves, pollen, cottonwood fuzz, etc..."). In fact, most of the units that we service have a blanket of these materials covering 80% of the condenser surface upon arrival.  (so if your A/C seems to be running a little bit warmer this year, drop us a line on the form below and we'll be right with you).

Basic RV A/C Service Includes:

* Debris Removal
* Inspect/Clean Air Filter
* Wiring/Capacitor Inspection
* Oil Fan Motor's (when applicable)
* Clean Both Coils (condenser and evap.)

                                              7am-3pm Mon-Fri
                                  (50% off for all CSE residents)


If your unit proves to have other "un-diagnosed issues", we can troubleshoot those too (time permitting; $20 troubleshooting fee).
Other possible issues and/or repairs priced on a "per-unit basis"...


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