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"Learn Your Favorite Software"

  Have you ever struggled trying to learn a new program or software package, or just had way too much trouble doing something that you knew couldn't possibly be this hard?

"Then you've come to the right place!"

  We here at --Just Fixit-- have recently learned of a new learning system that offers a multitude of software training opportunities, and they've graciously agreed to allow us to link to their new services, so for now, you can use the form below to contact "Lucky Duck Software Instruction" to inquire about their upcoming class schedules.   (luckyducksi.com coming soon!!)

(You lucky Duck you...)

* Note:

  Even though we're Microsoft experts, if you're looking to learn a software package that we're not familiar with (which does happen), we'll go the extra mile and schedule some time to learn your software ourselves just so that we can teach it to you.  

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