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  AutoClean is a little program that I've written to make life a lot easier for my customers. What it does is; it dives into the code of a list of clean up utilities that we install on every machine that we build and/or service, then it runs just the updates and clean up utilities that you would normally spend an hour or more doing one at a time (including virus scans & defragmenting). Now you're probably thinking that this is nothing special, but you would be mistaken :-) it is indeed special, AutoClean actually runs multiple programs with only one click, and all in one window. So (for our customers only); finding, updating, and starting all of your clean up utilities is a thing of the past... Autoclean runs specific disk utilities, virus scans, defrags, and much, much more..... And AutoClean does this all in one window without having to know a thing about what's actually happening, and all with just one click of the mouse. But only the options that --Just Fixit-- offers are in our list, so if we didn't work on your machine at least once this gadget won't do you much good.

  As you can see by the screen shots below. AutoClean is a Windows Sidebar Gadget that sits on your Desktop (always at the ready), and even if all you ever use it for is it to shut down your machine at the end of the day (and nothing else), your machine will always stay in Tiptop condition and you'll never have to worry about clean up ever again :-)

PS: Always make sure to download the correct version

(how to check which version of Windows you're running)

Vista/Windows 7

(Download) AutoClean Vista/Win7x64 (64 bit) [version] (released 08/24/14)
(Download) AutoClean Vista/Win7x86 (32 bit) [version] (released 08/24/14)

Windows 8/8.1

(First Install) Install a Sidebar on Windows 8/8.1 (64 bit only)
(Then install) AutoClean Win8/8.1x64 (64 bit) [version] (released 08/24/14)

(read below before downloading)

A little bit about AutoClean

  First of all this is just a screen shot, so you can't actually read all about v 1.0 in the flyout window above, it's just an illustration. But I do strongly suggest that you do read the "about AutoClean" flyout window before you actually run the program the first time (it's kind of important).

The AutoClean Window

  This is only an illustration as well (no visible window in Vista, but rest assured, "it is running"), I just wanted to give you an idea what everything will actually look like when the program opens (and just so you know, the window automatically closes when the program is finished running).

PS: if you don't like the black screen with white text (which is by default), you can always right click the top of the window and choose "Properties". Then click on the "Colors Tab" and change them. The Screen Shot above is set to:

* Screen Text: "Red 0", "Green 0", and "Blue 255"
* Screen Background: "Red 150", "Green 200", and "Blue 234"

    • World Crisis Map

        This one's intended to be a resource for disaster relief and preparedness, (but I mostly use it for everything else)...   :-/

        I usually start out by clicking on the "Map/Satellite" option (top left), and switch it to Satellite, then I go to the "Layers Tab" (top right) and uncheck everything.     ("and then I choose what I want")...

        So click on the Globe (to open the page), and then play around with the "Layer Options", because this site does a lot of different things; everything from local traffic to worldwide weather, just roll you mouse wheel to zoom in and out once you've chosen your layer options.

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