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Company Goal

  Simply put, our goal here is the "Back in the Day" mentality.  Back when folks would rather fix their stuff than see it go in the trash, rarely considering replacement unless it was really "really" broken.  Here at --Just-Fixit-- we're doing our best to give you the opportunity to reclaim those long lost values.  Honestly I got the idea from my own life, I was already fixing my own stuff, and stuff for my friends and family as well, so I thought to myself (self?), why not do this for a living?!  So, we now offer an increasingly wide variety of repair options on many types of equipment, and I'll let you know right away if it's worth fixing or not.....

A Little Bit About Us

  Collectively we have more than thirty years’ experience in the trades (we're mostly Millwrights).  In most cases a Millwright is the guy you call when you have a job that doesn’t require a lot of people, but requires several different trades.

  Webster's says a Millwright is a person whose occupation is planning, building and setting up the machinery in a Mill and/or a person who maintains and cares for said mechanical equipment (as in a factory, or a mill).  But the truth of the matter is, "a Millwright can (and will) fix anything you set in front of him" (that last part was mine).

  We're presently geared toward the general public market here at --Just Fixit-- and we've been doing mostly computers, customer websites and power tools here to begin with, but we also have extensive experience with the hotel/casino market as well as some types of small construction equipment; such as swing stages, Mast climbers and some reach lifts, so if you happen to need one serviced, "we are certified".  We also do hydraulics, pneumatics, and pumps of all sizes.

There's honestly really not too much that'll scare us off once we get going.  No local job is too small and my local rates aren't easily beat, so drop us a line on the "Contact us page" today to setup your appointment and we'll see what we can work out.  Enjoy!!!

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