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*PC Rates (hourly rates explained) $35-$50 an hour (+parts & 1hr min. travel)
*PC TuneUp (with all updates) $70 labor (PCs run like new again)
*Learn New Software "too many variables" (contact us)
*Reinstall Windows $60 labor (original version only (with "YOUR Product Key"))
*Virus Removal ("save programs") $75 labor (and/or data recovery)
*R&R M. B. (or any laptop internals) $65 labor (+parts)
*LCD Replacement $60 labor (+parts)
*Web Design "too many variables" (contact us)

    • World Crisis Map

        This one's intended to be a resource for disaster relief and preparedness, (but I mostly use it for everything else)...   :-/

        I usually start out by clicking on the "Map/Satellite" option (top left), and switch it to Satellite, then I go to the "Layers Tab" (top right) and uncheck everything.     ("and then I choose what I want")...

        So click on the Globe (to open the page), and then play around with the "Layer Options", because this site does a lot of different things; everything from local traffic to worldwide weather, just roll you mouse wheel to zoom in and out once you've chosen your layer options.

      " E n j o y "